What Actions To Take When You Have A Leaky Roof

Notice that there is a wet patch on your ceiling? Do you see moss growing in your attic? Is there obvious leaks happening in your roof? Well, you could be facing a leaky roof. So what do you do in this situation? How do you handle a leaky roof?

Keep reading and you’ll find out how to manage a leaky roof.

  • Collect The Water
    Don’t let the water seep through your home. Put a stop to it! There are two steps you have to take:

    • The first is to place a bucket underneath the leak if possible. This will collect all the water and stop it spreading and it becoming dangerous
    • The second step is to place a thin plaster coating over it so stop the leak at its source. Do these two steps before starting anything else.
  • Check All Over The Home
    Once you spot a leak, you should look all over your home. There is always a chance that one leak could mean that there are others in the home. A leak could be a sign of something bigger, or it could be nothing. But you shouldn’t risk it: take a glance and check around your home.
  • Understand Where The Source Is
    While a random roof leak is common, sometimes there is a precursor behind it. Something that has triggered the roof leak. When it comes to finding out the source of your leak, you’re going to need to go a little deeper and conduct a full roof inspection. In many cases, this is best left to a professional, who will be able to find out where your source has originated from and how to restore your roof back to its best.
  • Contact A Professional Immediately
    You should always call a professional roofing contractor to come to your home immediately. Leaks can get worse if you leave them for too long, and as much mentioned above, if they are precursor to something worse, you have to get it checked out. A roofer can scan your home and see what the problem is and help you.

Now the next time you are facing a leaky roof – don’t panic! You know the steps and what to do, so you are well prepared. If you are wondering where we got this information, we spoke to the experts at Murnane Slate Roofing – the best in slate roof installation. You can reach out and know more about us today to see how we can help you.


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