About Us

Welcome to Floorball Nation.

At Floorball Nation we aim to provide you with fantastic Floorball and Freebandy products from around the world. We currently feature floorball equipment from Unihoc and Zone along with Freebandy equipment from Zii. We provide a no fuss service. If you’re not happy, then neither are we.

This website is Floorball Nation’s online Floorball Store. While we primarily service Floorball in Australia we also service other countries in the region from New Zealand to Malaysia and more. While we only operate an online store at this time, you can also find us at local Floorball events in Western Australia. You can also find Floorball Nation business cards and promotional flyers at your local floorball sports centre.

Floorball Nation is active in promoting the sports of Floorball and Freebandy in Australia. We run and sponsor clinics introducing people to the sports, we also sponsor local players, games and events all with the aim of increasing the profile of these great activities.