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Unihoc selected as official supplier to the IFF

Great news! The International Floorball Federation has selected Unihoc as its official supplier of floorball equipment until December 2014, read more here and check out our range of Unihoc equipment in stock by clicking here!

Choosing a Floorball Stick

With the large variety of choices available buying a Floorball stick can be a confusing exercise, especially if you are looking to get your first one. We hope to make your task a little easier by explaining the various options available and what they mean.

Shooting Direction or Handedness

Floorball Sticks and Blades come in either left or right handed styles, which one is right for you is a matter of personal preference. If you have not tried holding a floorball stick before we suggest borrowing one or holding a stick or bat of some other kind (hockey, cricket, baseball) in a manner that is comfortable to you. Now, if your left hand is lower or closer to the far end of the stick or bat you will want a left handed stick or blade. If your right hand is lower or closer to the far end of the stick or bat you will want a right handed stick or blade.

You should be aware that the generally accepted rule is to have your strongest or dominant hand at the top of the floorball stick as this will likely give you greater control and power. If you are just starting out and have no existing preference (as in our suggestion above) we recommend you follow this rule. If you have played other sports like cricket or field hockey the opposite is often taught and you will probably be most comfortable with your non-dominant hand at the top of the stick.

Stick Length

The general rule for choosing the correct stick length is that the top of a floorball stick, when standing vertically on a flat surface, should reach about one to two centimeters above your belly button. The most common length we find is 95-96cm which most people should feel comfortable with. Please note that the published stick length on our site is typically for the shaft only, add 10cm for approximate length of shaft + blade, i.e. 95cm stick = ~105cm total length. So if you measured about 105cm using the method above, a 95cm stick would be appropriate.

Most floorball sticks can be shortened by removing the grip and sawing off a portion of the shaft from the top (please note that some sticks have a sleaved grip instead of a wrap-on which might make this very difficult – ask us if uncertain).

Shaft Flex (Rigidity or Stiffness)

The shaft flex for a floorball stick is normally measured in millimetres and refers to how much the shaft bends under a load of 300 Newtons. The lower the number the less flex the shaft has so it is more rigid or stiffer. Floorball sticks that are approved by the International governing body (IFF) must have a flex of at least 23mm (so this is the stiffest stick you will normally find) and be able to tolerate a flex of up to 60mm without cracking or fracturing.

Which shaft flex is right for you depends on how you play. Experienced players generally prefer a stiffer stick that lets them hit harder (by bending the stick against the floor) and shoot more accurately. A more flexible stick may be preferred in defensive positions, for casual play or for those less experienced where a softer shaft can allow you to still hit hard and accurately while developing your technique.

In addition to the above, various shaft technologies have been developed by the leading floorball manufacturers, like Unihoc and Zone, which further influence how a stick feels. These are explained here.

Blade Type

Floorball Stick Blades come in a wide variety and each particular stick within a product range normally comes with its own unique type of Blade. The Blades vary in size, shape, colour and firmness. A firmer blade (often referred to as ‘hard’ or ‘super-hard’) will help increase the power behind your shot, while a softer blade (‘soft’ or ‘medium’) will help with your ball control.

Blades also often feature a concave area called a ‘ball pocket’ designed to help you better control the ball. While a larger or deeper ball pocket provides greater dribbling control of the ball and allows you to more easily perform trick (Airhooking or Zorro) moves this may come at the expense of shooting accuracy.

There are also blades specially designed for ‘Zorro’. Zorro is the name given to the art of performing tricks with your stick and ball. Blades designed for this purpose feature a curve or hook in the blade design to make performing zorro moves easier. You can also bend any blade by first heating it up and then applying pressure to shape it, this is often done to fine tune a blade to your style. While this is not difficult care should be taken as you will be voiding any warranty and potentially damage the blade or yourself!

You will find that some people have changed the blade that came with their stick. While a blade from the same manufacturer will normally fit any one of their shafts, the same is not true if mixing blades and shafts from different manufacturers. Also, by changing the blade to a different type than what the stick was certified with you may be breaking the International rules. Depending on where you play this may mean you cannot use the stick in any competitions.

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